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Laverton College (P −12)

"All students can achieve and we need to use different strategies to help them!" − Rhonda Jackson

"Sensationally positive, great tonic even on a Friday! − John

"We are all individuals and what we do, say, makes a difference − everyday. We should make the kids’ day pleasurable" − Janine Kip

"Great ways to assist students who ‘block’ their own learning" − Anonymous

"Inspiration to revise the most important role(s) of the teacher" − Anonymous

St Joseph’s College − Ferntree Gully

"Darren was an engaging and knowledgeable presenter. He expertly highlighted a number of ideas that I will be able to directly use in my teaching. Thanks" − Anonymous

"I was tired and ‘over it’ at the beginning and totally reinspired by the end! Cheers!" − Melissa Sombekke

"I gained reinforcement in aiming high, self belief and an improvement in motivation to start positively a difficult task ahead in 2010. Awesome! Thanks Darren" − Anonymous

"This seminar called for (some) deep self reflection − not just of practice, but of my own motivation and goals. In short, it has both reminded me of the need, and the rewards to be had from, being open to how to be a better teacher. Thanks" − Matt Thomas

St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School

"Good teaching involves a great deal of intuitive responses to particular classroom students. Your presenter made it clear what many teachers already understand. Reinforcement of one’s current teaching practices − as well as suggestions for specific strategies − is important for professional development" − Anonymous

"Motivating, reminder of why I teach. Gave specific, practical examples to make my teaching more effective" − Adrienne Perry

"A renewed sense of purpose and optimism. Thanks!" − Donna Sweeney

Assumption College

"Totally engaging. High energy. Inspiring" − Geoff C.

"I have attended your seminars previously and have been impressed at each. Coming away with new insights from today" − Maureen Kurzman

"I gained a further feeling of the very important role we as teachers we can play in shaping the lives of individuals and indirectly society as a whole" − Peter Hope

"It validated some of the things that I do in the classroom and encouraged me to keep doing it and do more. Thanks!" − Derek Vogel

"Small investment of time, big potential for future impact" − Debbie Blackall

"Useful practical tools to help engage the students" − Elizabeth Buckley

"Engaging the audience. Use of examples. Responding well to questions − ‘thinking’ on this feet in answering specific questions" − Ken Tonkin

"Great start to the term − motivating − can’t wait to get into the classroom!" − H. Campbell

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