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"I gained so much from this seminar. Through performing in front of my peers I gained so much confidence. It is an amazing feeling when you are truly excited."

Abby Smolenaers
Year 12 Student
Thomas Carr College

"I gained my inner most goals and desires, I have never thought that my unique abilities could lead up to a great dream career. This seminar has boosted me up heaps and I’m not as nervous as before the seminar. Thanks!"

Year 12 Student
Caroline Chisholm Catholic College

"It gave me more courage & helped me realise how much abilities I have, and how bright the future can be. I gained confidence, it offered strategies to my problems, and it helped me to realise how I can achieve my goals. It inspired and motivated me so much more than any other program."

Miriam Pusca
Year 12 Student
Ballarat Secondary College

"Very fun! Very entertaining, easy to follow and understand. After this I had a clear image of what I wanted to do and how I was going to do it. Thanks"

Alisia del Giudice
Year 11 Student
Academy of Mary Immaculate

"Creative and innovative approach to a rather serious issue which is highly inspirational and totally set me up for my career pathways in the future. Utterly captivating and life changing."

Yuan Yi
Year 12 Student
Melbourne High School

"I gained the knowledge to understand the psychology of a leadership role. I can know how to help & empathise with others in a manner that can effectively support others. Darren was able to assess all aspects of leadership & explain it. "

Sammii Fadden
Year 12 Student
St Michael's Grammar School

"You’ve always kept us entertained and interested. I think you’re one of the most inspirational speakers because of the way you interpret the ideas of a leader, a vision and a good attitude…He has so much determination to motivate us. He’s ideas of what a good leader should be is brilliant. "

Lharuphyria Ban
Year 12 Student
Haileybury College

"I used to think achieving good grades led me to success. But with this seminar, it taught me that good grades are only a component of success, but I need to have passion, suitable career path and a vision to pull myself to the maximum potential."

Bill Han
Year 13 Student
Senior College of New Zealand

"Thank you for being such a great facilitator of a fantastic course. The Dynamic Personal Leadership (DPL) course was quite unique which outperformed my expectations...i have become extremely more organised in my daily life. I have learnt to set realistic and achievable goals and I have learnt the significance of communicating for results...I found you personable, posiitive and encouraging and it was great to receive your encouraging emails each week."

Matthew Burgess
The University of Melbourne

"...Through the Dynamic Personal Leadership program i have the confidence and belief in myself to embark on a new and exiting phase of my life...The structure of the Dynamic Personal Leadership program followed a natural, logical progression that stimulated my motivation for the program further each week. However, the DPL program would not have achieved success for me had the course content not been facilitated by someone who had the ability to foster a comfortable yet challenging atmosphere...Without your eternally encouraging and challenging attitude, the program would not have been able to deliver such significant and measurable results for me as a participant"

Maree N. Quinn
Commerce Law Student
The University of Melbourne

" I would like to thank you for a creative, entertaining and memorable lecture that has helped me to develop objective-setting skills and reassured me with my current career pathway."

David Gong
Year 12 Student
Auckland Grammar School

"The seminar i did with you was extremely helpful and approached the grueling topic of tertairy courses differently to the norm...I was totally confused about what i wanted to do for the rest of my life and now i believe that i have gained enough information to be able to make a successful decision. I would definately reccomend this seminar..."

Gayathirie Wignarajah
Year 11 Student
Kilvington Girls Grammar School

"You are a great inspiration. You taught me many things that will stick with me always. Youe encouraged me with your advice...Thank you for all your help, support and time. Thank you for being so understanding and willing to share your knowledge."

Monika Juric



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