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Edutainment Methodology

Generation Y students have learning needs that are distinctly different from their predecessors. The 'chalk & talk' teaching methodology of the past is redundant and ineffective in today's classroom. Having worked with approximately 220,000 students, our research shows us that Generation Y kids need 'edu-tainment' (education + entertainment).

Today's students want (from a seminar):

  1. fun
  2. engagement
  3. entertainment
  4. relevance
  5. practical skills
  6. motivation

This is why at Success Integrated we have developed a range of programmes that are specifically designed to maximise students’ focus & performance at school.

Educators tell us that they are looking for programmes that are:

  1. engaging and entertaining;
  2. relevant and realistic; &
  3. powerful and permanent.

At Success Integrated, we deliver these outcomes and that is why Darren Pereira has become the most sought after speaker in Australian & NZ schools; booking six months to one year in advance.

While the demand for Darren Pereira means he has a hectic travel schedule, his commitment to personalised service remains second to none. Darren Pereira visits every school before he runs his seminars to:

  1. identify student development needs;
  2. gain insight into the socio economic backgrounds of the students;
  3. tailor a programme that is consistent with the culture & values of the school; &
  4. clarify expectations so that they are not only met but exceeded.

Darren Pereira looks forward to meeting you to take you through this process, so you will be as confident as we are in achieving outstanding results. In addition, Darren will take you through:

  1. his educational background and extensive work experience;
  2. written & video feedback from teachers & students who have participated in the programme;
  3. his unique learning methodologies & processes; &
  4. live video footage of him in action with a range of government & private schools around Australia & NZ.

Darren Pereira will focus predominantly on discussing your students’ needs and how the Shape Your Destiny seminar, which is quickly being recognised as one of the foremost motivational seminars in Australia & New Zealand, can meet these needs. He will also show you a short 5 minute DVD highlighting the main parts of the seminar, so you can see how Darren engages, motivates and delivers relevant & practical tools for students to use to maximise their focus & performance at school.

To ensure that the meeting specifically addresses your students’ needs, please:

  1. take 4 minutes to complete our Needs Identifier
  2. please answer only those areas / questions highlighted in yellow as best you can;
  3. send it back to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and request a time to meet; &
  4. print your copy of the Needs Identifier for the meeting.

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