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1. Heightened Awareness
  1. Understand your psychological patterns and break free from your self imposed limitations
  2. Break the fear barrier and take massive action
  3. Learn the mechanics of your mind and attract what you desire
2. Purpose & Direction
  1. Uncover your special talents and unique abilities
  2. Discover the path you've been searching for
  3. ?Find meaning in your life
3. Career Planning
  1. Revitalise an existing career or discover one that's perfectly suited to you
  2. Learn the secret to making a living from doing what you enjoy
  3. Learn how to live successfully according to your nature
4. Future Planning
  1. Shape your own destiny and live a life by design
  2. Gain ultimate focus by setting written and specific goals for success
  3. Develop a concrete plan of action and learn the art of follow through
5. Financial Abundance
  1. Master the money mindset
  2. Create a wealth consciousness
  3. Work towards financial independence
  4. Avoid the rules of the poor & learn the philosophy of the rich
6. Fulfilling Relationships
  1. Attract your perfect partner − is there a soul mate for you?
  2. Become irresistible to others
  3. Break repeating relationship − patterns which can stop you from finding the right one
  4. Understand your partners needs and learn to fulfil them
  5. Avoid self sabotage & enjoy a deep connection with your partner
7. Life Philosophy
  1. Understand universal laws for successful living
  2. Live in harmony by becoming stress free
  3. Manifest a world of peace and happiness
  4. Gain answers to your questions from 5000 years of wisdom
8. Constant Motivation
  1. Discover your emotional drivers & turn yourself on at will
  2. Learn how to become self motivated
  3. Wake up every morning excited to be alive
9. Unlimited Confidence
  1. Destroy your negative thoughts and eliminate doubt
  2. Overcome your inhibitions and be relaxed & at ease with others
  3. Learn powerful reframing strategies to control your self talk
  4. Develop the confidence to believe in yourself and go for what you really want
  5. Learn strategies to develop a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)
10. Personal Growth
  1. Set challenges to reinvent yourself and achieve new levels of success
  2. Understand how you think & behave & learn what drives others
  3. Crush destructive behaviours and implant positive ones to develop success habits
11. Personal Effectiveness
  1. Become an outstanding time manager
  2. Eliminate procrastination from your life forever
  3. Capitalise on the concept of High Leverage Activities
  4. Gain a perfect balance and enjoy the rewards of life
12. Powerful Leadership
  1. Become a visionary and lead any group by inspiration
  2. Learn how to make others do what you want for their reasons
  3. Become enthusiastic and make it infectious
  4. Master the art of influencing and motivating others
  5. Develop high performing teams

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